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Women Empowerment- Women Leaders Inspiring Change March

Ignore the glass ceiling and do your work. If you’re focusing on the glass ceiling, focusing on what you don’t have, focusing on the limitations, then you will be limited!

Women’s success stories constantly encourage and motivate us to imitate them. Here are a few inspiring women making history in a variety of industries, including sports, business, activism, defense, and more, who were raised by breaking all boundaries

  1. Falguni Nayar:

Who said that women couldn’t start a new career at 50? 

Falguni Nayar, one of the most successful women of the year, abandoned her 20-year investment banking job at 50 to launch a new company focused on beauty.  She resigned from her role as managing director of the Kotak Mahindra Group in 2012, “People thought I’m crazy when I wanted to start a new career,” said Falguni Nayar. She founded Nykaa, and as the company’s shares increased to a record-breaking 89 percent in the final quarter of 2021, she has become India’s largest self-made female billionaire. She is the owner of half of the $6.5 billion business. In order to launch Nykaa, which offers Indians a distinctive blend of accessible, rare, and luxury brands as well as cruelty-free items.

Against all odds, she triumphed, propelling her business to fame and earning numerous awards, including Business Today’s ‘The Most Influential Women in Business 2017’.

  1. Sudha Murthy:

One of the role models for women’s empowerment in postmodern India is Sudha Murthy. She is a multidimensional individual who is a successful businesswoman, prolific English and Kannada writer, well-known philanthropist, and educator. Murty was awarded the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award in India, for social work by the Government of India in 2006. Later in 2023, she was awarded the Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award in India

Sudha Murthy was the sole female student at the College throughout her time there, which is remarkable to note. Sudha Murty became the first female engineer hired at India’s largest auto manufacturer TATA Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) Sudha Murthy was admitted to the college by the principal with the three utterly illogical requirements of always wearing a saree there, never eating in the canteen, and never engaging in conversation with male students. Certainly, this sexist, prejudiced viewpoint did not come from a medieval Indian intellectual, but rather from India in the late 1960s. 

As the famous saying goes “Behind every successful man is a woman”. When Narayana Murthy wanted to start Infosys, Sudha Murthy was the seed investor behind the firm. She raised Rs 10,000 for the launch of Infosys despite financial constraints.

The story of Sudha Murthy inspires us to dream big and have the belief to achieve the impossible tasks in life. She is the epitome of motivation who inspires us to continue hard work without worrying about the result as success will follow if your intentions and determination are on point.

  1. PV Sindhu:

PV Sindhu stands as an iconic inspiration for all the women who want to excel in sports careers. PV Sindhu’s name has come to represent badminton in India ever since she won the 2013 Malaysian Open Grand Prix. 

Sindhu had to wait four long years to finally take home a gold medal since she had been so close every single time.

She was disappointed when she used to lose the bouts, but she never gave up and had faith in her ability to win a gold medal the following time by working even harder.

She became the first Indian to win a gold medal at the world championships in badminton in 2019. At the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020, Sindhu became the first Indian athlete to win two medals in a row. This 26-year-old Hyderabad native, who comes from a sporting family, is now rated No. 7 in the world for women’s singles.

Her biggest strength- One of her biggest strengths of Sindhu is her never give up attitude by which she plays every match to her full potential. 

  1. Tulasi Gowda:

Age is just a number. Also known as the encyclopedia of the forest, Tulasi Gowda was honored by awarding Padma Shri for her contributions and efforts to protect forest cover at the age of 72. She hails from the Halakki Vokkalu tribal community of Karnataka has planted over 30,000 saplings and has the unique ability to recognize a plant just by a touch. She never attended school and was married off at the age of 12. A determination to make a difference, a passion to chase her dreams, and a close affinity towards plants are among the many qualities she possesses. She is the perfect example to spread awareness of “GREEN REVOLUTION”. At age of 73, she keeps on working in various nurseries of the forest department. She is the pioneer in her own stream.

  1. Arunima Sinha:

This is a tale of willpower triumphing. A tale of bravery, tenacity, and dedication. A tale of resiliency and hope in the face of difficulties. Arunima Sinha, a 24-year-old national volleyball player, was forced from a speeding train by robbers in 2011 when she refused to give them the gold necklace she was wearing. When a train ran over her left leg, she lost it. Arunima Sinha made a commitment that many would consider impossibly difficult while she lay in the hospital bed with one leg amputated.

She set out on that day to conquer Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, as well as learn how to walk with a prosthetic limb. She accomplished this in 2013, making history as the first Indian woman amputee to do so. She accomplished a goal that many would deem unachievable, which not only restored her confidence but also made her an example for everyone back home. She received the Padma Shri in 2015, India’s fourth-highest civilian honor.

Every person has their own personal Everest to conquer. Their own indomitable mountain that seems so tall and vast that climbing to its peak appears almost impossible. For most people, these mountains exist only in the mind, and their conquest can only be done with great willpower and determination. The story of Arunima teaches us the grit to be unshakeable and follow our dreams and believe in ourselves.

The Learnings from all these Great Women Leaders will always keep us inspired and keep us reminding that the “Journey to success is full of hardships, it is your will and determination that keeps you going”


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