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What to do when employees resign?

Updated: Jul 3

Even the most well-run business can experience panic when an employee leaves unexpectedly, so appropriate exit management calls for quick action. This is especially true for smaller organisations whose efficient functioning may depend on only a few key personnel.

To minimise any disturbance to the remaining staff, clients, and other stakeholders, it’s crucial to handle this kind of situation wisely.

What should you do if an employee leaves abruptly?

When an employee leaves suddenly, your company should think about taking a few specific actions.

Identify the situation:

At first, you might be taken aback by the employee’s abrupt resignation. Your first instinct could be to panic, especially if you manage a smaller business that would experience direct consequences from the job disruption. Even worse, you might consider the resignation genuinely and wonder how they could have treated you in this way.

Even if these kinds of emotions are very normal, keep emotions to yourself. The best course of action is to take a deep breath and think long term. Your behaviour now will reveal a significant amount about your leadership skills.

Take necessary actions: 

However, it is OK to inquire as a manager. “Is there anything we can do to persuade you to stay?” is a question that is harmless to ask. The worker may request a pay increase or a promotion to a different position inside the business. You’ve given them the benefit of the doubt by giving them some thought, even if you might not always be able to comply with their request. To build such traits also to learn and unlearn solid management strategies proper leadership coaching is a commendable alternative. 

It’s uncommonly a good idea to make an immediate counteroffer, even if Employee Retention is your primary concern. The team member has given it some thought, considered their choices, and determined that leaving is the best option for them. You want to ensure that even if you make the typical “offer they can’t refuse,” they will be content if they accept your offer.

Attend to legal obligations:

No matter the reason for the employee’s departure, it’s crucial that you abide by all local, state, and federal employment rules. To ensure that you adhere to the laws and regulations specific to your business and area, you should always think about speaking with a human resources specialist and labour law attorney.

Start changing responsibilities and tasks:

You could wish to request that they make a record of their regular tasks and duties, in addition to the standing of any unfinished projects, before the person leaves. Ask them to compile a list of every tool their replacement will require to carry on the work.

You can fill the void left by the departing employee with the help of this comprehensive knowledge. The people that are already on your team may be able to fill in for a while, but you don’t want to overburden them.

Start the replacement process:

However, if you determine that backfilling the position will be advantageous for your company, be sure the person you choose for the position is a good fit in terms of both talents and organisational culture. While you perform a careful search for a new hire, think about temporarily moving some of the departing employee’s responsibilities to independent talent. Executive Excellence programmes are a great option to look out for the ideal talent to fill these kinds of labour gaps.

Final thoughts: 

An unexpected employee leave may result in fresh perspectives that strengthen your business. Consider making some modifications to the workplace culture in light of the information you learned from the exit interview of the departing employee.

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