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Why Goal Setting is important for Leaders

The most widely spread strategies that contributed to great leaders including Elon Musk’s, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’s success is their proficiency in goal-setting: communicating big, spirited visions into the organization’s day-to-day work.

The reason why effective leaders set goals are:

  • Goal Setting helps leaders sustain high-level performance.

  • Goal Setting flashes high performance in employees.

With so much unexamined, outdated understanding of goal-setting, let’s glance at how crucial goal setting is with promising case practices from top leaders and top companies in the world.

Goals Help Leaders Maintain High-level Performance

Uncle Ben of Spiderman famously said: “With great power comes great responsibilities.”

And great commitments come with a plethora of dilemmas and difficulties: having to helm through a crowded agenda for both your personal and professional life, months or years of steady friction and a conceivable burnout from overworking, securing the company’s accomplishment on all fronts…

Setting goals helps leaders stay focused on what truly matters.

Being a leader, setting goals equals having a substantial picture, an illusion that he or she wants to get to.

When you set the SMART goals, you have a bulls-eye that they know to direct and prioritise, restraining your world in order.

You won’t act frantically at the initial sense of distress or fuss excessively over small problems because you know it won’t matter in your 5 years goals.

No road to a goal worth fighting for is a smooth road paved with rose petals

Goal setting is a continuous long-term process that requires constant updates and revision. As you come up against challenges, failures and defeats may demotivate and put you off track. Many people will quit and abandon their call after a couple of setbacks.

But through a habit of goal-setting, constantly reminding yourself of the ultimate big-picture vision, you nurture and keep your passion burning, pushing you through the cold winter.

So if you are a solo Entrepreneur, a manager of a small team or want to know more about Leadership understanding the importance of goal setting will be highly effective skill worth mastering.

To know more on Goal Setting connect with us at BeLeader.

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