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Why should people follow you?

When your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

                     -John Quincy Adams

Anything that is forced upon you will never yield a triumphant success. The same goes for leading too. Your employees have to choose you, your teammates have to trust you, your co-workers must be inspired by you. Only then can effective leadership get established.

Your position, the title of responsibility, command, premia and penalties, threats and accomplishments will never make an ideal leader. Then why should they follow you? Your people should follow you for your calibre, potential, thoughts, actions, motivation, goals and objectives.

>           Develop trust and good rapport

Encourage your employees and coworkers with positive feeds and inspiring incidents and aspiring anecdotes. Ensemble courage and establish an emotional bond with your

co-workers. Solace them psychologically and comfort them with confidence.

>           Provide them with opportunities

You let them play the game and let them confront the war too. Provide them with ample chances and allow them to think out of the box. Seek their suggestions and ask their opinions. Use their creativity and ideas to build your projects. Persuade them to participate in group discussions and presentations.

>           Empower them

Empowerment gets started when you allow your team to participate in the group discussions, seek suggestions and capitalize on their strength. When you empower your company, you grow together and reap together. You achieve and accomplish on a larger and wider spectrum.

>           Admire their efforts

Never walk around bossy and never overlook your employees instead love them. Cherish your moments and enjoy leisure hours with them. Most importantly, adore their efforts and timings. Appreciate them frequently. This will strengthen the bond emotionally and motivate them towards productivity.

>           Illustrate your vision to them

Constantly have an open discussion with your employees and show them the planned purposeful path. Discuss with them the actual deadlines and desired expectations.

Elucidate and enlighten your employees about the mission and vision of your company’s goals in the most appropriate manner.

People will willingly follow you when you respect them, love their work, align your vision with theirs and trust and empower them. Keeping people above your strategies, work responsibilities and tasks will make them believe you to be their Leader and follow you.

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