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Power of Subconscious Mind: A Key to Leadership

Updated: Jul 10

Our subconscious mind significantly influences how we think, feel, and act, and this influence even extends to how we lead our organisations. Despite the importance of conscious decision-making, it is critical to acknowledge the underpinning role that our subconscious mind plays in the decisions we make as leaders. Our leadership styles, business tactics, and overall performance can all benefit from understanding the connection between our unconscious thought processes and choices we make. 

Understanding the connection between our unconscious thought processes and business choices through executive leadership coaching can offer important new perspectives on our leadership philosophies, tactics, and overall success. Here are some of the important components of subconscious mind:


Intuition is a crucial factor that the subconscious mind affects. A “gut feeling” or an unquestionable sensation of knowing are common descriptions of intuition. Our subconscious has a variety of knowledge stored there, and our decisions are influenced by the patterns and events from the past. As leaders, we could rely on our gut feelings to evaluate possibilities, spot potential hazards, and reach hasty conclusions. We are able to make quick, instinctual decisions based on patterns and prior experiences thanks to our subconscious mind’s capacity to assimilate enormous volumes of information. 


For leaders to better grasp how their subconscious processes affect their decision-making, they must develop self-awareness. Discovering hidden assumptions, prejudices, and emotions that influence our decisions can be accomplished through techniques including leadership training, introspection, and feedback-seeking. Leaders may reduce the negative effects of unconscious biases and capitalise on the favourable features to improve their decision-making skills by being aware of these underlying causes. 

Interpersonal dynamics and leadership style:

Our interpersonal dynamics and leadership style are influenced by our subconscious mind. Our views on leadership, teamwork, and communication are shaped by our early experiences, upbringing, and cultural origins. These ingrained convictions may show up in our leadership style, affecting how we deal with team members, resolve problems, and assign tasks. For instance, we may struggle with efficiently and have a tendency towards micromanagement if we have a subliminal attitude that leaders should be in charge of every aspect. We can become more self-aware leaders by recognising and comprehending these underlying subconscious patterns and changing our actions accordingly. 

Summarising, our subconscious mind has a significant impact on the business decisions we make as leaders. Leaders can use the power of their subconscious mind to create more informed, well-rounded, and profitable business judgments by developing self-awareness, accepting diversity, and deliberately evaluating the underlying elements that influence our decision-making. 

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