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Climbing the Leadership Ladder: Strategies for Senior Roles

Updated: Jun 29

One of the economies in the world with the quickest growth rates in India. The third-largest startup environment in the world, India, is anticipated to increase by 12–15% annually YoY. The 1.4 billion people in the world have a 28.4 median age. A person can advance into leadership or managerial roles in the first two to five years of their career based on true potential in the majority of new industries, which are fast-paced.

One of the top 5 most difficult abilities is leadership. It is a skill that may be improved with repetition and leadership training. But only a select handful possess God’s gifts. 

“How can I move up the ladder?” is a question we constantly hear or “What steps do I need to take to become a manager?” Despite the fact that each organization is unique, certain traits identify leadership positions. Let’s look at some abilities required to move up the leadership ladder, namely those related to leading people. (It should be noted that “leadership” applies not only to people managers; it is a subject for another day.)

  1. Willingness to voluntarily accept responsibility.

  2. Consistently deliver more than is anticipated.

  3. Courageous: Don’t just follow the rules; set them. 

  4. Problem-solving mindset: A challenge is a chance.

  5. Effective and collaborative communicator.

  6. Continue to align responsibilities with the organization’s broad vision.

  7. Motivate & influence others by deeds rather than just words.

  8. Improving one’s ability to control oneself and others through executive leadership coaching. ManageME and ManageMEN are the literal definitions of management.

  9. The capacity to endure under high pressure: Pressure is food.

  10. A growth mindset makes you more adaptable to many circumstances and settings.

It makes no difference if you attended a prestigious university or not, whether you are young or old, etc. The only thing that counts is having the genuine potential to lead.

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